Can robots replace the human jobs in the future?

The advancement of technology has always made human life become easier and robots have a significant role in modern society. One of the contributory roles is that human has the limits and robots can do what human cannot do. However, some experts have few concerns that robots can replace human work and they will probably increase the unemployment rates in the future. I believe that there are the pros and cons of using of robots for many purposes, and this essay would discuss the both perspectives.

Having sophisticated computer systems, the robots are used widely in household chores and modern medicine. In personal uses, a domestic robot can sweep and clean on the floor in a room without you don’t have to do it by yourself. Even if you are exhausted to cut your grass on the backyard, then tell your robot, and your robot will obey and do it for you. Furthermore, in modern medicine, the use of robotic surgery offers benefits to patients. In the past, a surgeon performed a complex surgical task and most operation might be high risk. But today, a surgeon using robotic surgery can have greater visualization so that it can enhance dexterity and increase precision during operation. All of these results are the reducing risk of infection and blood loss, so patient recovers faster after surgery. These are several examples of what robots can do in our lives.

Although robots can perform excellently in certain jobs, there are still jobs that robots cannot do. In communication, robots do not understand a context the way of human communication because in any type personal communication, people interact by using complex linguistic pattern. The process through the interactions is complex and robots are unable to understand it. Moreover, robots have no emotion and they are not easy dealing with hospitality jobs. In hospitality industries, the facial expression and good personality are the keys and robots showing flat expression make visitor feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, human are much better than machines.

In conclusion, I believe that robots are created to help the human in some aspects and it’s obvious that robots will never be able to completely replace humans.

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